BR Metals to Invest in New Multi-Million Processing Facility in Shaoguang, Guandong

In late July , BR Metals, a market leader in precious metals recycling and Singapore’s Fastest-Growing Growing Company in 2009 (The Straits Times and Statista Survey) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the city officials of Shaoguan, Guangdong to develop a new sampling facility that can process up to 3000 tons of catalytic converters scrap in the district of Wu Jiang (武江区). This milestone development is also the first foreign investment in the district.

With the new production facility, BR Metals will not only be able to increase its precious metals recycling capacity by more than 200%, but also create new and meaningful job opportunities for the community whilst recovering more of earth’s finite resources efficiently. For more details, visit the Shaoguan Municipal City website at…/wjyw/201903/t20190312_801636.html